Diverse strengths in agriculture

North Carolina’s significant economic stake in agriculture rests on a diversity of growing climates. These diverse environments have helped North Carolina become a leading global producer of pork, sweet potatoes, poultry, Christmas trees, tobacco, and cotton.

17% of North Carolina's economy is generated by agriculture

16% of the state's jobs are generated by agriculture

Against this backdrop, state and local leaders demonstrate a strong commitment to agriculture.

Whether testing or deploying products, technologies or services, companies gain efficiency by leveraging significant agricultural experience.

Top-tier biotechnology cluster

North Carolina is the home of a top-tier U.S. biotech cluster. We lead our peers in job growth thanks to the state’s 30-plus-year commitment to develop the best infrastructure for life sciences.

600+bioscience companies


North Carolina's companies have expertise in discovery, research, development, testing and manufacturing. Ag biotech companies are just one part of this cluster that creates products and technologies used around the world.

On the forefront of ag biotech

The AgBio[sphere] is home to more than 80+ agricultural biotechnology companies including major headquarters for BASF Plant Science, Bayer CropScience, and Syngenta Biotechnology and Crop Protection.

The combination of the AgBio[sphere]’s agriculture and biotechnology leadership connects companies to important resources, attracting the leading companies in the global ag biotech industry.

Together, these companies have invested almost half a billion dollars since 2010. This is part of what makes the AgBio[sphere] a thriving ag biotech community—and an ideal place to grow.



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